living slowly: what it means to me

After a few expensive therapy sessions, everything could be summed up into two words: slow down.

Even though it’s a foreign concept to me at first, I think I’m getting the hang of it. I guess living slowly means appreciating life as is, finding wonder and joy in the now.

I was too focused on crafting this perfect future for myself that I forget that I have no real control of my future because life is full of surprises. Disruptions, whether technology or life events are inevitable and there are things you could never predict. I was naïve to think that I could. And that landed me in a reality that I couldn’t understand, a reality that taught me that amount of work you put in equals the benefits you get. Funny how life can turn you upside down without warning.

So instead, I accept whatever comes to me as it is meant for me. The trials and tribulations that came my way were meant to teach me life lessons that I need to be a better version of myself. And once I changed my mindset, I learnt how to slow down and I learnt what it means to slow down.

I begin to see life as is, not pathways of decisions to reach a certain destination. I appreciate the people, the events and the environment that I am in. I realised that I could never get back this exact moment, so savour it and live it. Stop worrying about things that might not happen, or spending energy to figure out how to avoid such things. Learn to accept and adapt instead.

Now I see every change as an opportunity or detour to a different adventure. And not a distraction or a setback towards my goals. Because if you put in the work and trust the process, you will eventually get to your goals even though the journey is not what you planned in the first place. Things change, plans change, and that is okay.

Living slowly allows you to take a step back and be intentional. To be grateful for where you are and appreciate the journey that led you here. This life is precious, and you are precious. So let yourself live slowly and intentionally.


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