project 2 – web3 fundamentals

start with why

  • Understanding this technology and its community is fascinating and fun
  • I believe in the Web3 Manifesto (nicely written by Kai M). In short, an autonomous world of transparency where everyone has agency.


15/1/2023: taking a pause after the Advanced Solidity module (need better JS fundamentals to fully understand this)

12/1/2023: started the Sophomore track

11/1/2023: completed the Freshman track! weewoo 🥳

6/1/2023: started the Freshman track through LearnWeb3DAO

key learnings

  • the main idea is that you can deploy executable code (or a contract) onto a supercomputer owned by everyone and no one and it is there forever unless there is a consensus to change the rules of the executable code (the contract)
  • the efficiency of the code is important because every action done on the blockchain has a price because it takes resources to execute this action. And we pay using ETH which is expensive.

possible next steps


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